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Charcloth Tinder Kit - only $7.95

Now you can make your own charcloth at home so you'll have a never ending supply of tinder for your fire pistion or flint and steel fire making.

Kit includes a metal tin, roll of 100% cotton fabric and our foolproof instructions. 

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Click here to place an order
NEW!  Two new tinder products

"Tinder Cord" and "Tinder Sticks"
Tinder Cord and Tinder Sticks are extremely durable, hot burning alternatives to charcloth or the natural organic tinders. Both can be used with flint and steel, fero rod, fire piston or solar burning lens.

They're easy to light and form a long lasting coal.
Tinder Cord comes in 6" lengths. Cut off as much as needed ( 3/4" is more than enough ) fray the ends to expose the fibers and strike a spark into the fibers as with flint and steel. Tinder Cord provides a slow burn and long lasting coal.
Tinder Sticks come in a pack of 6 and provide a fast, very hot initial burn and then a long lasting coal. Fray the ends or break in half to expose the fibers. Handle it quickly when lit to avoid singed fingers.
See the video of Tinder Cord and Tinder Sticks in actual use
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