Fire By Friction
Bow Drill Kits

Master the skill of making fire by friction with our new primitive bow drill kit.

The kit includes a tested hearth board and spindle, bow, palm rock, jute nesting fiber and instructions.

With a little practice you can create a glowing ember in a little as 15 - 20 seconds. 

The kits are $29.95 - and the satisfaction of achieving fire by friction is priceless...
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Hand Drill Kits 

The primitive hand drill represents the ultimate fire making challenge. It takes a bit of experience but with practice you can make fire in a couple of minutes. 

​Our kits feature basswood hearth boards, mullein spindles and a sharp flint blade for carving. Watch how its done in the video below. 

Hand drill kits are $22.95  Click here to order
Rolling Friction Fire!!

Here is an amazing fire starting method we've just learned about. 

1. Unroll an ordinary cotton ball making a strip about 6" long
2. Sprinkle a pinch of wood ash on the cotton strip to cover about 1/3 of its length.
3. Tightly re-roll the strip
4. Compress a bit further by rolling between two boards
5. Roll quickly between the boards and with significant downward pressure

 You will first smell combustion......then tiny wisps of smoke will emanate from the cotton roll......then a ember will break through to the surface. This burns slowing for several minutes and a provides long lasting coal with which to ignite several fires. 

We're still experimenting with this method but can report that ground chaga fungus can be used as an alternative to wood ash.

Our kit is $14.95 plus shipping and provides all the materials needed. You provide the "elbow grease"

 Cotton balls
 Wood blocks
 Wood ash
 Ground Chaga

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