Traditional String Gasket Fire Pistons 
Our traditional string gasket fire pistons offer a unique combination of artistry, craftsmanship and dependable performance that has earned the respect of noted survival experts. These amazing fire starters are crafted in either exotic Coco Bolo wood or lustrous water buffalo horn. 

All Wilderness Solutions fire pistons are pre-tested to assure optimum performance and are intended to provide a lifetime of service. We will therefore repair or replace any of our fire pistons that fails to perform for any reason - no questions asked. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, simply return it in original condition within five days for a full refund. 

Fire pistons by Wilderness Solutions are the only compression fire starters endorsed by knowledgeable outdoorsmen such as Ron Hood of Hoods Woods, Mountain Mel Deweese and Allan "Bow" Beauchamp. 

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Coco Bolo
The bullet-nosed styling of Hunter model fire piston is comfortable in the hand and pocket.

Coco Bolo Wood - $70
Asian Water Buffalo Horn - $85

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Buffalo Horn
The TinderCarry

 The TinderCarry model is an original design by Wilderness Solutions first offered 2001. The TinderCarry features an attached drawstring pouch made of the finest quality buckskin leather. We created the TinderCarry with the idea that keeping our fire making materials together in one attached kit makes good sense. Our customers seem to agree... 

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Coco Bolo Wood - $85

Asian Water Buffalo Horn - $100
Wood vs Buffalo horn 

Customers often ask us about the differences between wood and horn. The wood used to make our fire pistons is among the most beautiful materials in the world. The coloring and grain patterns are unique such than each fire piston has a slightly different appearance. The raw materials come from renewable forests managed by controlled harvesting. Wood fire pistons are slightly lighter in weight than Buffalo Horn. Our Coco Bolo fire pistons are absolutely gorgeous and the most highly figured wood is reserved for the Custom Series.

Buffalo horn is more dense than wood making the pistons slightly heavier. As a natural animal product, the horn material is sometimes subject to imperfections and bruises incurred while growing. Buffalo horn polishes to a very high luster making a beautiful glossy finish and a bore surface that is exceptionally smooth. This allows the piston to travel with less friction. This means the piston can travel slightly faster with less effort, resulting in slightly hotter ignition temperature. Buffalo horn is often contains streaks of white. This is a natural characteristic of the horn and not a defect. We think Buffalo horn makes an excellent fire piston.

Both materials are extremely durable and long lasting. In performance trials we have submerged fire pistons made from both materials under water and frozen them for three weeks in a block of ice with no ill effects. The pistons fired up immediate after being chipped from the ice. 

In terms of fire making efficiency a well maintained fire piston in either material should be expected to light on the first or second attempt. 
Customer comments - "Thank you for the wonderful fire pistons; they are both amazing and beautiful and I’m sure others who see ours will want one, too. They all worked perfectly, just as instructed"

Chet & Becky Walker
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